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Our Automated Production System & Hygienic Standards Are Second to None

  1.  Do you want to reduce cost and increase yield?
  2.  Do you want to differentiate your product in the market?
  3.  Do you want to provide high quality eggs to Indian customers?

If you are looking to expand your operations by teaming up with a strong partner in the Egg and Agriculture domain, Join Us.

Our company offers franchising opportunities. Grab this opportunity to acquire a franchise of our services. This initiative would be profitable for both of us.  It is a great opportunity to increase brand recognition by extending your reach into uncharted territories. You will be teaming up with a strong player who knows the market very well and has extensive experience in managing operations. For us, it is almost a risk-free endeavor given the reputation of our brand.

If you are interested in exploring such a cooperation, please get in touch with us.  

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The Dream Egg farm was established in 2014 with 1.2 million birds.

Grading and packing factory is divided into contaminated area (immediately after poultry farms, eggs are brought into a factory by belt conveyers, they are unwashed at this point so the area is contaminated), then machine washed eggs are brought into a clean area; ventilation is set to blow from clean area to contaminated area. Workers at clean area must go through with thorough cleaning with hydrochloric acid hand wash and air shower.

Our prestigious company, ISE Foods Inc., is leading the ISE Eggs market as well as   the Organic Fertilizers with excellence. Our name is trusted by a large clientele for buying the most reliable products at budget friendly prices. Our company makes sure that none of the clients is delivered with a low quality or impure product. This is the reason, our Tokyo, Japan based company relies on our ISE integration (product quality assurance) system. This system supports us in offering clients with certified ISE Eggs and Organic Fertilizers in bulk. Our enterprise also renders them with premium grade customer services. 


Our esteemed manufacturing concern, ISE Foods Inc., is acclaimed for its ability to manufacture the most reliable variety of ISE Chicken Eggs & Organic Fertilizers. The company is renowned in Japan as the leading egg producer and fertilizer processing concern.

Be a Franchisee!

ISE Foods Inc., world’s top level egg producing know-how, technology, hygienic standard is now available for Indian egg producers.

  1. If you need to reduce cost and increase yield.
  2. If you need to differentiate your product in the market.
  3. If you want to provide high quality eggs to Indian customers,

ISE FOODS Inc., invites you to obtain a Franchise. 

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Thorough quality control through in-house integrated management

To offer the best to clients at all times, we follow our effective ISE Integration system, which is a product quality management system that easily takes care of our responsibility for environment, food safety and future. We make sure that the the parent stock is raised in hygienic conditions, further, the hatching, egg collection and packaging steps are done without any human contact. The use of technologically advanced automatic machines is assured during the processing of our range. All the promised ISE Eggs are dispatched from the facility after confirming their adherence to food safety and agricultural standards of the domains. 

About our Egg Research & Development

The Ise Tomago Research Institute is an Ise Group Research Institute established in 2016 in Negishi, Taito-ku. It’s a new laboratory with eggs having a good nutritional balance. Pursuing deliciousness even deeper and improving your quality of life. We will strive to develop processed egg foods that contribute to health promotion.

Augmented Reality and Big Data Analysis

Agriculture and Technology:  In addition to Ise Foods’ industry leading integration system and know-how which have attained to perfection over many decades, Ise Foods Inc. is implementing the state of art technology like AR and AI embedded in its production system. Our franchisee partners will be able to enjoy optimized operation through information technology to be ahead of your competitors and increase productivity.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Organic Fertilizer ISE Green

Fresh and effective ISE Green Fermented Fertilizer is available to enhance the health and quality of the plants. This is rich in essential plant nutrient that ensure to add life, quality and yield to the crops. It is a free flowing fertilizer that can be easily applied on the plants. This ISE Green Fermented Fertilizer  is also sure to add excellent effect on the growth of the plants, improves the soil structure, and boost water-holding capacity.

  • ISE Green fertilizer is a high quality pro-biotic organic fertilizer for all purposes.
  • Compensate lack of chemical fertilizer.
  • Additional Amino acid activates micro-organism drastically, thus improve poor soil condition even if small quantity of ISE Green fertilize is applied.
nutrition and wellness

ISE Foods contributes to 1, 3, 8, 9, 12, 15, 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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