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The Love For Sushi

Let’s Find Out About Egg Sushi!

May 04, 2022

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The word “sushi” simply denotes vinegared rice.

Off late sushi, culture has taken Indian food palates by storm. More and more people, especially around Delhi NCR, have started exploring this amazing Japanese food. One of the most searched terms on Google nowadays is ‘sushi near me. 

If you are someone who wants to find the best sushi in Gurgaon, not to worry the options are many. Gone are the days when one had to pay eye-watering high prices to eat sushi, there are many standalone Japanese restaurants that offer authentic and delicious sushi. 

Sushi as we know is made with rice and raw fish. The quality of fish really matters and be sure that you choose a place to eat sushi that never compromises the quality. 

But this blog is not about eating sushi as we know it, let’s explore and find out about another sushi delicacy – the famed Tamago Sushi

While sushi is always associated with fish, this egg-based sushi nigiri made with premium eggs can be enjoyed by those who may not like traditional sushi or the flavor of raw fish. 

Interesting Facts about Japanese Egg Sushi (Tamago Sushi) 


Did you know that there is something called egg sushi? And no, it’s not an Indian version of sushi, it’s actually a Japanese delicacy and is loved by many across the globe.

 It’s a special dish called the Tamago Sushi (Japanese Egg Sushi Nigiri). Tamago is the Japanese word for “egg,” so in Japanese, Tamago sushi is egg sushi.

Tamago Sushi is sweet and savory and has a light, fluffy texture. Made with Japanese rolled omelet (Tamagoyaki) and seasoned rice, this is classic egg sushi that is usually served as a side dish in bento boxes or for breakfast.  

What Is Inside  Tamago Egg?


Japan is a country that relies profoundly on egg eating. Along with dashi (Japanese stock made from dried kelp), bonito flakes, soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, and sake, these eggs can also be mixed with other ingredients. 

Why Is Tamago Popular?


In the 1950s, the Japanese government encouraged all its citizens specially parents to give their children high-quality protein food. This encouraged many companies like Ise Foods to try and produce high-quality, hygienic, safe, and protein-rich eggs.  There are plentiful shopping malls and soba restaurants that serve tamagoyaki sushi today. This is one of the most popular non-fish sushi you’ll find at each and every sushi restaurant in Japan. 

How to Eat Tamago Sushi?


It’s best to eat Tamago sushi when it’s still hot, right when it reaches the table. Do not let it sit for too long. Many people want to know whether to dip Tamago sushi in soy sauce like they do with fish sushi or to just enjoy them on their own. It really depends on your own taste buds. You can either give it a dip in the soya sauce or just enjoy the flavors‘ as is’.

Why Do Japanese People Love Egg?


In Japan and Ise Foods the process of egg production, washing, and selection is very strict. Even though raw eggs are healthier, you can still become infected with salmonella bacteria if you eat them so in Japan, the safety standard is so high that you can eat a raw egg without and stress of falling sick. 

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