Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Specialized divisions perform checks to help ensure further safety and quality of eggs.

As a leading company for more than 100 years of egg making,
"We want to pursue possibilities as well as the deliciousness and safety of eggs".
With that in point, ISE egg research institute started.

Egg Research Center

Specialists work on testing, evaluating, and analyzing processed egg products keeping the eggs' rich flavor.

External Universities

New technologies and knowledge acquired by joint research with external organizations are also utilized to develop products.

Temperature Control

Salmonella is a leading cause of food poisoning. Controlling the temperature of eggs has a strong preventive effect.

Egg Products

Under industry leading product quality management, Ise Foods produces processed chicken egg products.

Our Vision

Our Egg Research Institute was opened in October 2016 in the ISE Building on Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo under the guidance of Our Chairman Ise Hikonobu. Mainly nutritionists and registered dietitians, we are in charge of the development of new foods using eggs, the development of functionally labeled foods, and the development of new eggs with nutritional functions. Our vision is to provide delicious, safe and secure eggs and processed foods using eggs so that all generations, from children to growing up, adulthood and the elderly over 100 years old, can improve their health. We look forward to your warm support.

Initiatives for Safety and Security

Ise Foods Co., Ltd. is a leading egg company with the No.1 share in Japan. Ise Foods (including group farms) consistently performs all processes in the group, from breeding of sows and parent chickens to egg collection, packing and delivery. By doing all this in-house, usually through a number of vendors, we are able to deliver high-quality eggs that are truly reassuring to you every day. We deliver “safe and secure” fresh eggs to everyone through thorough hygiene management and environmentally friendly recycling-based agriculture. The Institute also conducts basic research and food development with “safety and security” as its first issue.

Research & Development

The characteristic of ISE egg research and development is not just to provide things, but to provide valuable eggs and valuable egg processed foods that help consumers improve their health. We also value collaboration with researchers from other companies and universities. I think that the basic research department and the development research department can gain great power by promoting new food development with excellent external technologies and capabilities. We will continue to work with companies and universities interested in chicken eggs to develop unknown worlds. We welcome inquiries from interested people regarding collaboration (R&D network).

Forwarding EGG Possibilities

The Ise Tomago Research Institute is an Ise Group Research Institute established in 2016 in Negishi, Taito-ku. It's a new laboratory with eggs having a good nutritional balance. Pursuing deliciousness even deeper and improving your quality of life. We will strive to develop processed egg foods that contribute to health promotion.

Research Center

As the name of "Egg Research Institute" is, we conduct research focusing on eggs. In addition, public seminars and other public awareness activities, we promote development with external researchers such as universities.

Development and research of long-life liquid eggs

Eggs usually harden when they exceed 75 °C. For this reason, we have developed a liquid egg that can not be sterilized at a temperature exceeding 100 °C for sales purposes, but can be stored for a long time that does not harden even if sterilized at 125 °C (patent). This liquid egg developed by Professor Hatta (Kyoto Women's University), Ise Foods, and Amano Enzyme Co., Ltd. can be sterilized and stored for a long time. It is called a long life liquid egg (LL liquid egg).

Development of processed foods

Ise Foods sells many processed foods in addition to packed eggs. We are researching and developing processed foods in search of value that is rich in nutritional value and useful for health promotion using delicious brand eggs of "safety and security" such as Ise eggs.

Social activities

We hold public seminars hosted by Ise Tamago Research Institute. Researchers and experts from various fields are invited as lecturers to give a gentle and easy-to-understand lecture.

Collaboration with universities

We conduct basic research and research and development in collaboration with external experts. Research requires a lot of money, a long time, and trial and error. We will work tirelessly step by step to develop delicious eggs and eggs that will help improve health.

Hiroyuki Shimazaki, an honorary member of the Japan Oil Chemical Society (former chairman and president) and professor of human sciences (health and nutrition), was appointed director of ise tamago research institute.
His major academic awards include the Tokyo University of Science (Rikokai) Academic Award and the Japan Society of Lipid Nutrition(Lands Nutrition Merit Award), and the Japan Oil Chemical Society (Paper Award), as well as many books such as “Health Science beginning at the age of 40 (2012 Heibonsha Shin sho)”.

Hideki Motegi, Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Human Sciences, and a part-time lecturer (food science) at Tokyo College of Health Sciences, was appointed as deputy director of ISE Tamago Research Institute.

Ise Farm Laboratory

Collects and analyzes samples from all farms, and checks chickens’ health and safety of eggs.

ise egg farms

Ise Foods Physical and Chemical Analysis Room

Collects samples and analyzes nutrients, such as fatty acids (DHA, EPA) and vitamins.


GP Center Examination Room

In the examination room at each GP center, Ise’s standards are determined and strict quality inspections are performed.


Ise Foods Quality Assurance Room

In the quality assurance room, products, environment, etc. are monitored. Staff members are working to help ensure safety from packaging to delivery to stores. 

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