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Egg Pudding

Egg Pudding This recipe is such a refreshing dish comprising of eggs and milk.   Ingredients 4 ISE Eggs 500 ml Milk ¼ cup Sugar

Tamagoyaki Japanese Rolled Omelette It is partly sweet and mixed with soy sauce, and dashi stock. Try making authentic Japanese food with our classic Japanese

Masala Cheese French Toast A classic toast with a masala twist by dipping the bread in a mixture of Egg batter and tangy sauces along

High Protein Egg Salad Let’s try this quick weight loss Egg Salad that can be eaten as – in a late dinner, as early morning

Oats Egg Omelette

Oats Egg Omelette Eggs are staples for breakfasts, aren’t they? Bread and omelette are like brothers. Let’s make Oats egg omelette for weight loss. Ingredients

Egg Tawa Pulao

Egg Tawa Pulao Let us introduce you with the newest addition to our recipes i.e. Tandoori Egg Tawa Pulao is a popular street food packed

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