High-Quality Eggs and the Truth Behind the Labels

High-Quality Eggs and the Truth Behind the Labels

Eggs are a staple food component in our meals. It is reasonably necessary to include eggs in our food since it is packed with various essential nutrients for the human body. While the production of eggs is high, getting premium eggs is a matter of knowledge. Not everyone can pick the right quality eggs. Nevertheless, […]

5 Easy and Delicious Egg Breakfast Recipes for Kids

5 Easy and Delicious Egg Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Eggs are nutrient dense and a great provider of essential nutrients to a child’s healthy development. Not only are they packed with protein, vitamins and minerals but eggs are also a good source of choline, lutein and omega-3. Due to the high protein content, when eaten for breakfast, eggs can boost a child’s satiety levels […]

5 Tasty Egg Recipes for Indian Dinner

5 tasty egg recipes for indian dinner

5 Tasty Egg Recipes for Indian Dinner If you love eating eggs and are looking for some unique recipes, then this blog is for you.  We all know that eggs are perfect breakfast food but eggs can be great and easy to cook dinner food too. Here are 5 egg dishes that can be added in […]

Choline And Eggs: What Is Choline and What Are Its Benefits?

Choline and Eggs What is Choline and What are its Benefits

What is Choline? Choline was officially recognized as an essential nutrient by the Institute of Medicine in 1998.  In the human body,  the liver can generate small amounts of choline but not enough to meet daily needs. Choline needs to be consumed via diet to prevent deficiencies.  Choline is usually present in certain foods and […]

6 Top Egg Myths Busted

6 top egg myths busted, ISE egg, best egg

Eggs are an essential source of protein and are packed with 13 nutritional minerals and vitamins. Eggs are an integral part of the breakfast diet for people in many parts of the world.  But despite being around for years and being consumed by millions there  are many myths around this simple superfood.  What makes certain […]

What are Omega 3 Rich Eggs, And What are The Benefits of Consuming Them?

Omega-3 rich eggs

Eggs are an essential food source with lots of health benefits.  Egg provides the highest quality protein. Eggs also help in gaining a lot of nutrients and vitamins in the body. But what about Omega -3 in eggs?  You must note that not every egg can provide high quality omega-3 fatty acids. ISE India Foods […]

Egg Nutrition Facts- 13 Essential Nutrients Found in Egg

Egg Nutrition, ISE egg, Ise foods India

Everyone knows that eggs are protein rich. But do you know that with 13 other essential nutrients eggs are actually a super food that can help you stay healthy.  Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients, and they are the best superfoods that can be available to us. Daily consumption of eggs is one of […]

Female Nutrition: Why Young Mother’s Must Include Egg in Their Diet Plan

ise foods - female nutrition

Female nutrition is an important part of good health for every woman. But there are two stages in a women’s life when taking care of her nutritional needs becomes all the more vital – during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Following a nutrient rich diet is very important during the nine months gestation period as at […]

Can Diabetic People Eat Eggs? How and when?

food for diabetic people 

The eggs have long been considered high in cholesterol and not a recommended food for people with diabetes.  However a 2016 study by the American Diabetes Associations (ADA) states that eating eggs in moderation could improve fasting blood sugar. Many nutritionists recommend including eggs in diabetic diets as eggs are more satiating and help in […]