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In search of some high-quality nutritious eggs? Or are you in search of fresh eggs for kids? Well don’t worry today we will get to know about a nice place for you to procure these eggs and also answer some of your answers as to why high-quality nutritious eggs are required by your body.

Major Nutrition Ingredient:


Eggs are one of the most important parts of any balanced diet food intake. They have high nutritional value and are very much beneficial for the body.

The benefits include supporting heart health, eye health, etc. consuming eggs is also helpful in weight management. Nutritional eggs are some of the most useful ways and sources of some difficult-to-find nutrients such as Vitamin D and B12 along with the mineral Iodine. These eggs also contain all the essential nine amino acids and hence the Nutritional quality eggs are considered as the complete sources of proteins.

These eggs also contain a tiny bit of almost all the vitamins and minerals required by human beings to fulfill their nutritional needs. Because of all these nutritional benefits, eggs also become an essential part of the food plan diet of children and kids. Fresh eggs for kids perform as a big supplement to their growth and body requirements.

Know Your Poultry And Process:


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It is required of you to know how your eggs are processed, how hens are fed and their proper quality standards if you are one of those people when you are buying eggs. Healthy and well fed hens produce healthy eggs. It’s best to buy eggs that have a  hygienic and sanitized egg collection process. This means, what is the environment in which the eggs are collected, and what are the hygiene steps followed while doing this process.

You should also know about how your eggs are being maintained for the whole transportation. Whether proper hygienic conditions are being maintained or not, whether they are being stored at the proper temperature to keep them fresh or not.

Top 10 Points To Remember While Buying Premium Eggs:


  1. The chickens must be raised in a proper hygiene environment and must have a healthy and dominating bloodline. This will prevent contamination by microorganisms and make sure that the eggs are healthy. 
  1. Healthy eggs can only be produced by healthy chickens. The chickens that lay the premium eggs must be fed with proper high-quality feed enriched with adequate nutrition, omega-3 and other essential nutrients for the chickens. This will ensure the high- quality of the eggs laid by them.
  2. The chickens that lay the eggs must be kept in clean farms that contain a special rearing environment that provides an ideal environment for laying hens throughout the year.
  3. Through all these processes high-quality hygienic standards must be maintained so the eggs are received by you in the same quality and condition as fresh farm eggs.
  4. The eggs when collected need to be inspected to testify the quality of these eggs. The tests are done to verify eggshell strength, yolk color, egg freshness, etc.
  5. The premium eggs are washed and packed without being touched by human hands to maintain maximum hygiene and get delivered as fresh and high-quality products.
  6. The eggs that reach you must be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain the freshness of the egg as it is.
  7. The premium eggs must contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids i.e. they should have EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) along with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
  8. While buying the premium quality eggs, keep an eye on  the nutritional quality, best before date and FSSAI certificate on the egg pack. It tells a lot about the egg quality.
  9. Buy eggs that are farm fresh, clean and have no dirt or cracks on the shells.


fresh egg spring salad with Ise egg

Well keeping all these in mind and then purchasing your egg is a bit of a hectic process, right? So, to ease out your worries there comes the role of ISE food Inc.  With Ise Eggs all your worries about fresh hygienic eggs are taken care of. Ise eggs are super hygienic and fresh. It goes through  Japan standard quality checks before being dispatched for your home to provide the best eggs having the best nutritional quality.

The eggs that you receive from ISE Foods Inc. are bacterial-free and are 100% farm fresh. The eggs you get from here are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids i.e. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) content.

It has one of the best-in-class integrating systems that ensure product quality and safety. They already have over 100 years of experience in this field of producing eggs and providing quality and nutritious eggs to their consumers. So, let it be a fitness freak, a baby who has just started with solids, a person who is strict about diet, or just a young mother- our eggs are for all. 

ISE Foods Inc. is your one-stop solution for your eggs nutritional fulfillment or it should be said high quality  and nutritious eggs need fulfillment.

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