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Every parent wants to make sure that their kids get the best nutrition and food. They want the best for the children and want the child to grow healthy and happy.  However parenthood can be quite overwhelming with various conflicting advice and beliefs of what is good for the baby and what is not.

There are various myths and misunderstandings in every culture about what is the correct age for babies to start eating eggs, what part of the egg is good and what is the best way to cook egg for babies.

Eggs are a great source of complete nutrition that helps in a child’s healthy growth. Eggs are not only protein rich but they are packed with many essential vitamins and minerals. Eggs are the best source of choline, vitamin D and healthy fats. 

What is the Best Age to Give Egg to Your Baby?

It is advised to introduce a whole egg in the child’s diet in the first year itself. 6 months and above is completely safe for the baby to start having eggs but not before four months.  Till a few years back eggs were given to babies 1 year and above but a 2010 study of more than 2600 infants have proved that early introduction of egg in the baby’s diet is completely safe. 

Like any other new food the best way to include a new thing in your baby’s diet is via the 4 day wait method. Introduce your child to a new food and wait for four days before adding anything new (in this time period the child can have the regular food).  Its best to introduce one food at a time and watch for the potential reactions. 

Always give hygienic, antibiotic free whole egg to the baby. 

Health Benefits of Egg for Children

Packed with protein and various nutrients, eggs offer a host of health benefits that a wholesome egg offers. Let’s have a look at a few. 

Choline: Eggs contain a rare and very vital nutrient known as choline much needed for a healthy brain development. Studies have shown that pregnant and breastfeeding women who regularly eat eggs are more likely to meet the choline requirement. 

Protein: Eggs are a complete and the best source of bio protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. It helps cells generate and regenerate. Protein diet helps in muscle development, tissue repair and healthy growth. 

Vitamin D : Egg is a good natural source of Vitamin D. Kids need Vitamin D to support the growing bones. 

Lutein And Zeaxanthin: Eggs are a very good source of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, an essential nutrient for eye health. It helps keep the vision sharp, is good for retina health and reduces the chances of macular degeneration.

Omega -3 and Healthy Fats :  Egg yolks have Omega 3 and healthy fats. Omega 3 aids in early brain development and cognitive memory. Healthy fats help kids in balanced growth and delays the onset of heart disease as they mature into adults. 

Eggs also contain Vitamins A, K,  B12, folate and all 9 essential amino acids which aid in healthy growth of the child. 

Best way to Serve Egg to Your Baby

The best way to introduce a whole egg in the first year of your child’s life is by boiling it well.

For little babies one can use the method of pureeing or mashing a hard-boiled egg. A well cooked egg scramble can also be served to a little older babies. Make sure that  the texture is suitable as per  your child’s stage of growth.   

It is good not to add salt or other condiments and keep eggs plain in the initial days.

For older babies and infants, hard-boiled eggs can be the perfect  finger food when cut in bite-sized pieces.

Egg Allergies in Infants and Children

Like any other new food some children can develop an allergy when introduced to egg. To avoid any complications its best to introduce well cooked hard boiled egg slowly and watch for any reaction

Some Of The Common Egg Allergy Symptoms May Include:

Digestive Problems- loose motions, nausea, vomiting

Skin – hives, eczema, swelling, or flushing.

Respiratory – a running nose, wheezing.

Eggs are safe and healthy for babies as long as the eggs are hygienic and cooked well. They are one of the most nutrient dense foods and have various health benefits. 

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