Born from eggs. Beginning with eggs!

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Ise Foods has transferred its technology and know-how to India. Punjab OEM partner raises healthy hens with Ise formulated nutritious feeds. The protein and Vitamin E enhanced eggs are brought in Ise Grading and Packing (GP) factory adjacent to the poultry farm, where eggs are machine washed and UV sanitized to eliminate salmonella and bacteria. The workers are fully sanitized in hygienic uniform. The sterilized eggs are quality checked on the spot and packed, then transported by a reefer truck kept in 15-degree temperature. Fresh Ise Egg Premium is sold at chilled shelves of selected stores in Chandigarh and Delhi, NCR for the first time in India. Ise Egg Premium has a full traceability via its ERP system.


We will contribute to improve Indian people’s food safety and nutrition issues to bring innovative and sustainable food ecosystem through our industry proven know-how and technology.

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Ise brand eggs will be India’s number one and the most preferred brand to be selected by all those who care for quality eggs and processed foods for their beloved ones.


Our core value is 1) incomparable technology and know-how, 2) customer-oriented quality first attitude, and 3)integrity.

egg protein

There is a reason why Ise’s eggs are Nutritious!


Exquisite breeding recipes born from the thoughts of "Tradition" by founder Ise Taichiro and years of research.


Nutritious eggs are available in an integrated breeding that takes time and effort from healthy chickens, and advanced technology.


We have developed the highest-class freshness of international standards with a consistent freshness preservation system from breeding of chickens.

Its history is the history of love for egg making.

Years of research and breeding recipes starting with the hard work of keeping egg-laying records for each chicken, the research results eventually fruited as the completion of a unique breeding recipe that went from hatching eggs to collecting eggs, which was unprecedented and groundbreaking at the time

Why does “egg” lower the value of middle fat?

"Ise's egg" includes: Plenty of EPA (eicosapentaenic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenic acid). Both ingredients contain the synthesis of excess medium fat, It has the function of promoting the breakdown of middle fats in the blood. So just take two pieces a day at your daily meal It can be expected to have the effect of lowering the level of middle fat. What is a medium fat? It is synthesized in the liver with the energy (lipid) ingested. A certain amount is required when there is not enough energy, If it increases too much, it causes arteriosclerosis.

The birth of "Ise Egg"

The question arose "to lower the middle fat". The answer was "eggs." EPA and DHA have the effect of lowering the middle fat. Of course, you can also take supplements and blue fish. But without getting bored and without burdening the household budget, it's pretty hard to take it every day. At a reasonable price, in a Zen food, If only we could take it every day without getting bored. "Eggs" can do it. It was the answer that Ise Foods put out.

By adding ISE special formula to the feed with exquisite addition, Protein & Vitamin E are contained more than general eggs, giving depth to the taste. Nutritious eggs with a rich taste so that it is evaluated as “old-fashioned rich egg” from a favorite person.

“We keep chickens that lay high-protein eggs, as well as chickens that are caught with time and effort, and we also keep them consistently with high-quality feed from the parent chickens of the chickens. Being able to confirm the pedigree of three generations from eggs is a testament to trust.

Cold Chain - Delivering eggs at there best!

In order to be served at the highest level of international standards (AA), Haugh unit represents the freshness of eggs at the time of shipment has set the highest class (AA class) of international standards. For this reason, the excitement of the white eggs is different.

Low temperature controlled chilled transportation. We perform low-temperature chilled transportation in a dedicated delivery vehicle and deliver it responsibly to the shops. That’s why “Ise eggs” are so fresh.