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Eggs are an essential source of protein and are packed with 13 nutritional minerals and vitamins. Eggs are an integral part of the breakfast diet for people in many parts of the world. 

But despite being around for years and being consumed by millions there  are many myths around this simple superfood. 

What makes certain eggs different colors? Can babies and pregnant women have eggs? With so many tales floating around, it can be difficult to know what’s real and what’s fiction. ISE Foods India prides themselves on knowing the egg facts, as it has been providing Japanese people with healthy and nutritious eggs for decades now. And we all know about the longevity of the Japanese.

Below, we will help you crack the case on common egg myths and why they’re not true.

1. Eggs Increase Cholesterol

This is a very common myth that daily egg consumption increases cholesterol. But recent studies have proved that eggs don’t affect your blood cholesterol levels that much. 

It has been observed that eggs raise good cholesterol, as a result of which the base cholesterol cannot harm the heart. So, if the eggs are consumed within a limit, there is nothing to worry about.

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and it is very beneficial to anybody who consumes this for a healthy diet. 

2. Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Consume eggs 

Many pregnant women have been told over the years that they should not eat eggs because it puts their baby at risk of being born with an egg allergy. This theory is not backed by any scientific research. 

Rather doctors ask pregnant women to have nutritious eggs as the vitamins, minerals, protein, choline and amino acids present in eggs are extremely beneficial for the mother and the child during pregnancy. 

 The only thing pregnant women should be cautious of is making sure they don’t eat raw or undercooked eggs.

3. Eggs Make you Gain Weight

Many people believe that consuming eggs daily will make them gain weight but the fact is completely different. Recent studies have time and again proved that egg consumption on a daily basis helps a person lose weight. 

Eggs can help you lose weight because of their high protein content. Eating eggs for breakfast keeps you satiated longer and curbs your urge to have junk between meals. The high protein may also marginally increase your metabolism, which in turn helps  you burn more calories.

4. Do Not eat Eggs in Summers

Many people in India believe that it is not safe to eat eggs in summers. This is not true. As long as you’re eating a balanced diet, it’s perfectly alright to eat 1-2  eggs a day in the summer. In fact, eggs can help you cope with summer heat. The nutrient dense eggs help in maintaining the fluid balance in the body, which is essential during summer. Always remember to have nutritious and safe eggs in summers.

5. Egg Yolks are Unhealthy

Unlike the popular belief that egg yolks  must not be eaten, the fact is that the yolk contains most of an egg’s good stuff. Egg yolk has omega-3,  iron, folate and vitamins. The yolks also contain nutrients—lutein and zeaxanthin—that support eye health and Choline that supports brain health. If you consume 1-2 eggs daily it’s always advised to have the whole egg. Egg yolks are packed with nutrients. 

6. Eggs and milk should not be consumed together

According to old books on home remedies, we have always been suggested never to have eggs and milk together. It has a high possibility of causing indigestion and fermentation and can form gas in the stomach. However, scientists have studied and declared that eggs are the best source of protein, amino acids, and healthy fats, whereas milk consists of protein and calcium. And having eggs after having  a glass of milk is perfectly ok. 

These are some of the top myths that surround the humble egg. Eggs eaten daily is the secret behind a healthy life. So don’t worry and start integrating ISE eggs in your daily diet now! 

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